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Together we can prevent drug deaths in Scotland - #StopTheDeaths -


Scotland needs to recognise, prioritise and take actions that reduce drug overdose deaths. These actions involve all stakeholders – people who use drugs, their families and communities as well as services and policy makers. The problem and the solutions belong to us all.

We need to focus on this issue because despite efforts and successes there are still record numbers of drug deaths.  This cannot be accepted or allowed to become a ‘new normal’.

#StopTheDeaths is a reminder to all stakeholders that drug death prevention is possible and that we all have our parts to play.

#StopTheDeaths is a call for local and national focus on preventing drug deaths and for all stakeholders to prioritise and focus on this agenda.

#StopTheDeaths is a message of hope – that we can respond to record drug deaths by developing a world-leading response to this national challenge

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#StopTheDeaths - A Message of Hope

#StopTheDeaths - A Call for Focus

#StopTheDeaths - A Reminder to all Stakeholders

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StopTheDeaths - Message of hope.PNG
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